Efficient Cook MLC Compliant 20 Days

Ships Cook MLC Compliant 20 Days

R10 200.00


This 20 day course is for seafarers designated to take charge of catering onboard ship and for those requiring certificates of competency.


Duration 10 days

Course Structure

The course is a structured mixture of theory and practical application. The curriculum is focused on a unique segment of the culinary sciences, with lots of practical hands-on cooking to help students become proficient and efficient in a workboat galley. Students have the opportunity to cook for real crews that are attending courses at the facility.


On completion students will have sufficient knowledge of cooking methods and equipment on board to be able to achieve the learning outcomes which are:

  • Personal and food hygiene
  • General galley safety
  • Stock control
  • Disposal of garbage
  • Food storage and food preparation to ensure a balanced diet
  • Tasks that will require practical demonstration include, baking, cooking all meats, fish and poultry. This shall include full preparation of all meals from soup as a first course to desert


  • Delegates must be at least 16 years of
  • Proficiency in English Language written and Verbal skills
  • Medically Fit
  • In date Fit to handle Food medical certificate

Target Audience

Seafarers designated to take charge of catering on board ship and for those requiring certificates of competency


A Project Maritime Training STCW 2010 Manilla Compliant Certificate will be issued on delegate been found competent.






Held at:

  • Project Maritime Training, Saldanha Bay, South Africa.
  • Designated venue’s under supervision

Items to bring

  • Delegates must present photographic ID at the start of the course.
  • Accepted forms are government issued photographic identification, eg passport or identity document


All delegates will be asked to complete a medical questionnaire prior to course commencement.


Courses as per training schedule or on request.

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