Opito International Minimum Industry Safety Training IMIST

R3 700,00


The IMIST standard ensures that workers have the necessary safety awareness and training to reduce risk and ultimately reduce the number of incidents

Course Structure

Delegates are introduced to IMIST training via interactive live online learning software.

IMIST is currently available in 10 languages; American and UK English, Arabic, Hindi, Bahasa Malaysian, French, Vietnamese, Thai, Indonesian and Russian

Learning Content

IMIST has been designed to enable existing workers to demonstrate their knowledge and awareness of the necessary safety standards to reduce risks and incidents. The course contains the following nine modules:

  • Module 1: Introduction to the Hazardous Environment
  • Module 2: Working Safely
  • Module 3: Understanding the Risk Assessment Process
  • Module 4: Tasks that Require a Permit to Work
  • Module 5: Personal Responsibility in Maintaining Asset Integrity
  • Module 6: Using Manual Handling Techniques Every Day
  • Module 7: Controlling the Use of Hazardous Substances
  • Module 8: Knowledge and Processes of Working at Height
  • Module 9: Being Aware of Mechanical Lifting Activities


Delegates must be at least 16 years of age.

Target Audience

Personnel Experienced and newcomers to the Oil and Gas industry working both onshore and offshore.


An OPITO-approved IMIST certificate will be issued on successful completion of the course.


Every four years


Held at Survival Offshore Training, Saldanha Bay, South Africa.

Items to bring

  • Delegates must present photographic ID at the start of the course. Accepted forms are government issued photographic identification, eg passport or  identity document
  • Regonised in Date Medical Certificate
  • All delegates must bring swimwear


All delegates will be asked to complete a medical questionnaire prior to course commencement.

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